Color Care & Everyday Hair Care Passion

Safeguard and protect your hair while nourishing and hydrating with antioxidants for a longer lasting beautiful look.

behind the brand

Dawn Bacchi

Color Care & Everyday Hair Care Mission

Your Hair Is My Passion 

Servicing clients with scalp/skin sensitivities, hair chemical fears and listening to the need for safer everyday hair care products in the color care industry, heightened my awareness and passion for creating natural and certified organic based products.

My mission is to provide the safest, finest ingredients from all over the world and to produce natural superior products while improving and protecting the quality of your hair without harsh chemicals. As a color care specialist and educator for over 30 years, I am hands-on with hair care labs to develop and ensure the integrity, ingredients and quality of the Hair Goddess by Dawn Bacchi® color care line. 

Safe to use on colored or chemically treated hair and hair extensions. Helps to extend your hair color.

Sulfates, parabens, phthalates, PEG, DEA/MEA, harmful colors and fragrances.

Cruelty Free, Made in The USA, Fair Trade.

Introducing STA Anti-Aging Hair Care For Men

I am proud to introduce my new brand and collection, STA™ Hair Care for Men. While servicing clients with hair chemical fears, hair thinning and hair loss, I discovered there was a need for safer everyday anti-aging hair care products in the men’s hair care industry. This heightened awareness drove my passion to create holistic natural based products.

My mission is to provide safe, superior anti-aging products that nourish, protect and preserve your hair without harsh chemicals.

• Anti-oxidants fight free radicals and work to provide the optimum environment for hair growth.
• Amino acids and proteins increase hair diameter.
• Scalp is clear and calm. 
• Hair appears thicker and healthier.

Red Tea and Pomegranate provide the most powerful antioxidant combination currently available to fight off the signs of aging and protect hair and skin against the environment.
Vitamins A, C and E help to replenish the youthfulappearance of skin and hair.
Spearmint, Peppermint and Eucalyptus Extract, soothe and hydrate skin and scalp.